The University of Brawijaya (UB) Malang has approached Javagri to be a part of their program for their students, where UB students that majored in Chemistry was given an opportunity to explore more about their studies; specifically the potential of essential oils and its derivatives, this internship was not only given as part of their program to add to their experience, it also helps to broaden their knowledge on how their study can be applied in industries, food & flavouring market. Students get to work closely with our R&D, guiding them on how to efficiently develop and optimise their research. There were 12 UB students who has worked in our site since mid-September till the beginning of December 2022. This month concludes the ending of their internship, it was an honour for Javagri to be chosen as one of the ‘host’ that facilitates and further their studies on their field, especially knowing that we are able to support their growth and broaden their experience on the essential oils industry, and optimise their findings with our facilities and capabilities. We are excited to see how these students will be able to utilise what we have offered in their studies and perhaps in their future (careers).